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Data Backups and Disaster Recovery

How Important is your Data?

Studies by the University of Texas and the U.S. Small Business Administration have shown that among companies that lose their data in a disaster , 50% never reopen and 90% are out of business within two years. Our servers are built with redundant hard drives to ensure that data integrity is preserved even in the event of a hardware failur

Managed Services & Total Care.

Ever wonder if there is a better, more reliable, and predictable way to manage your entire Online & Cloud Services? Has the loss of a critical application at an inopportune time ever cost your business revenue? What about employees sent home early or resorting to pen and paper, waiting for the network to be fixed? Downtime and lost productivity impact your bottom line.

Have a Good Idea?

How about a Really Great Idea?

Need help bringing it to market? Agekko Web Solutions can help you bring your vision to Market. We have extensive experience in providing professional design, development, and e-commerce solutions to a wide array of business types. A no-obligation quote is a part of our services.

Agekko Web Services is an integrated Business Solutions Provider offering a holistic design approach to overcome the challenges faced by companies entering new markets.

From the very beginning of the World Wide Web, Agekko Web Services focused on empowering its clients through unique Content Management Tools and E-commerce Solutions. We continues that tradition of enabling companies, through technology, to realize their strategy and sustain their competitive advantage.

With Agekko Web Services's strong and diverse technical competency and project management skills, we help companies meet their e-business requirements with solutions at par with global standards but at significantly lower cost.

We provide solutions that range from online branding and business strategy, to business process integration and knowledge management, all the way to systems and network infrastructure administration and maintenance.

Agekko Web Services Strives to empower their clients through custom designed Hosting, Telecommunications and E-commerce solutions. Tools and technology that enable Small to Medium sized Business's to realize their growth strategy and sustain unique competitive advantage.

Agekko Web Services shared or dedicated hosting packages provide the control, flexibility, and reliability needed to create a successful online presence.

We provides individuals, small businesses, and organizations the knowledge, tools, and technical expertise to host, design and develop Web & Internet Solutions that empower your business.

Agekko Web Services provides Enterprise Solutions Provider level products for Web and Applications Development. We will take the time to explain all phases of the hosting and development process, and provide you with a free upfront estimate on your next project. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

A partial list of services offered:

  • Shared, VPS, and Enterprise Level Hosting
  • Web Design and Development
  • Custom Applications Development
  • Email Services, including Newsletters and Opt-In Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Affordable and Reliable Hosting start at just $14.95/month and there is a plan to fit any sized business on either Windows or Linux servers with control panel support.
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